Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

The Recruitment of the Guilds

Part 9

Lieutenant Eden was deeply troubled by the news that Toviyaah brought for two reasons. One, whoever had done that must have been extremely powerful and was, as far as they knew, still at large. And two, without the Magicians Guild holding their territory a vacuum had appeared in Athkatla which could quickly lead to an all out war between the merchants. For these reasons, he quickly summoned a company of men and set off to secure the vacant stronghold and keep the power vacuum from exploding.
Reunited, the three companions filled each other in on their respective days. With the destruction of the Magicians Guild they no longer had the option of recruiting a party of magicians for their mission. Of course, they could have gone to the Red Wizards for help but none of them could stomach the idea. The Red Wizards were intelligent, resourceful, and ruthless. They believed that those who wielded magic were supreme to all others and had no respect for the lives of those they deemed beneath them. Since they did not trade on a large scale like the Merchant Kings, Cloud Peaks, or Sunset Company nor did they offer their services for a fee, like the Magicians Guild, their motivations were usually a mystery. The only saving grace was that they usually kept to themselves, a fact that none of the adventurers were itching to disturb.
That left the Sunset Company and the Merchant Kings to ask for help. Being a gnome himself, Bufkin was the clear choice to serve as emissary to the Sunset Company as they were made up entirely of gnomes from Lantan. That left Toviyaah and Galdor to see to the Merchant Kings. At the Sunset company headquarters, Bufkin was met with the first gnomish female he had encountered in a long time. Eager to do his part for his race Bufkin set about charming the young secretary by whittling her a name placard for her desk. Unfortunately, it had been awhile since he had done any writing and as a result the childish letters were hard to discern. With that Bufkin was called into the office where he met the leader of Sunset, Captain Luthar. Like Galdor before him, Bufkin was informed that Sunset would only supply troops if the other guilds did. Taking the opportunity to use a wealthy gnomish merchant company, however, Bufkin asked if Luthar would be willing to procure a masterwork chain shirt and sword for his personal use (fit to size, naturally). To his delight Luthar agreed and Bufkin left. As he exited Bufkin poured on the charm to make up for his crude woodwork prior and was pleased to see the young secretary blush, and he was off.
Back at the Silverhands, his partners informed Bufkin that the Merchant Kings had made the same stipulations to their support as Sunset Company and Cloud Peaks before them. With everyone on the same page, and the Silverhands offering men, the next day the three companions returned to the guilds and were able to get pledges for men from all of them.
That night the company once again found itself separating based on their own interests. Bufkin and Galdor went drinking with some of the Silverhands, while Toviyaah left on another holy mission to clean up the streets of Athkatla. At the pub the beer flowed freely while the men (and gnome) sang, gambled, and made a merry ruckus. As the night wore on, it was decided that they should visit a brothel and celebrate life. New to the city and not yet educated in the establishments of pleasure, Bufkin deferred to the Silverhands for where to go with the stipulation that he wanted someplace clean and of high repute. Assuring him that they knew “just the place” the men were off. Being a monk who had controlled such desires, Galdor took his leave and returned to the Silverhands while the rest went on their way. A short walk later they found themselves at a nice looking building with a welcoming half-orc matron. After discussing prices and desires, a parade of gorgeous women of all races were brought out for Bufkin to choose from. Picking a human that fit his perfect vision of beauty, he accompanied the woman to her room and (rolling a nat. 20, I kid you not) he rocked her world for all the city to hear.
Meanwhile, Toviyaah was in pursuit of an entirely different form of satisfaction: that satisfaction of justice. Walking the streets, Toviyaah saw a fair amount of drunken brawls but most of those were resolving themselves with two losers. Eventually it came to be that Toviyaah happened upon a group of slimy men mugging people in an alley. Approaching the criminals Toviyaah ordered them to stop, or face his justice. Turning, they ran down and alley drawing Toviyaah into a pursuit. As he rounded a corner they sprung a trap. Avoiding their attempts to trip him, he became surrounded by a handful of beady-eyed muggers who were drawing their weapons. Empowered by the right of justice Toviyaah drew is masterwork bastard sword, stepped forward, and accidentally flung it down the alley behind his attackers, back the way he came. Surrounded and without a sword, Toviyaah took the only option left to him and bull-rushed the opponent blocking his way. Knocking the man aside, he dashed for his sword…that was gone.
It was about this time that Bufkin came by, whistling in the nighttime without a care in the world. Seeing a commotion, he disappeared into an alley just in time to see a sword fly out from the alley across the street from him. Not a moment had passed before a thief came along and, seeing a sword lying on the ground, picked it up and ran. Just as he was about to leave and investigate, Bufkin saw Toviyaah run out of the alley with a look of concern on his face. Jumping up he called to his companion and went to meet him. Seeing his companion draw a throwing axe, Bufkin drew his sword and met Toviyaah in the street. The audacity of the muggers waned with the appearance of this new, armed foe, and preferring not to fight in the open they retreated down the alley and into the night. Without mentioning anything of his loss, Toviyaah accompanied Bufkin back to the Silverhands and they went to bed.



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