Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

The March to Oakhurst

Part 11

The next morning there was an air of excitement amongst the adventurers. The guilds had pledged their support and if they remained true to their word, a small army would be waiting for them outside the north gate to the city. After checking their gear and getting breakfast, they set out to see what or who awaited them. Closest to the gate were the Silverhands, made up of medium infantry under the flag of their sign. Next was a group of very smartly adorned gnomes, each carrying a blunderbuss and backed by a huge golem carrying what appeared to be a small cannon. Situated a little further away were the Merchant Kings, carrying spears and accompanied by a scribe, and the Cloud Peaks Company, outfitted similarly to the Silverhands.
Bufkin and Galdor decided to take their leave and march quickly to Oakhurst. Under Bufkin’s command went the Silverhands and Sunset Company. With Galdor went the Merchant Kings, the scribe, and the Cloud Peaks. No doubt useless in battle, the scribe informed Galdor that he was there to ensure the interests of the Merchant Kings were being followed. That left Toviyaah to try to organize and lead the group of miscreants on a muli-day march to Oakhurst. To Toviyaah’s dismay, most of the men under his “command” were not outfitted for a full days march, let alone several days. Very few of them had a change of clothes or a sleep roll, let alone food, water, and the other necessities required for their mission. As he explained their goal and the payment for reaching it Toviyaah saw some of the rabble leave, judging the risk far greater than the reward. Before they left, he asked if anyone in the crowd had any military or organized fighting experience. Several men come forward, including two men named Lucky John and One-Eyed Pete. Toviyaah designated these men as his officers and had them convey his orders through the ranks. With the rabble looking slightly less than a hoard and a bit more like a company, Toviyaah set off for Oakhurst at a slower pace than his companions.
For Bufkin and Galdor, the days marching passed without incidence. Each night the different guilds camped separately from one another and each day they marched in four distinct bands. Finally they reached Oakhurst and in the interest of space, camped on a hill just north of the town. Settling in, Bufkin ordered one of the Silverhands to go into the town and ask the local authority to join them for a meeting. A little while later the Silverhand returned followed by a stout man with a large mustache and jolly face puffing behind him. After the proper introductions, Bufkin and Galdor explained who they were and the nature of their expedition. It was clear that the man was overjoyed at the sight of so many fighters because, as he explained, his town had been facing nightly harassment from goblins. Although they did not set fire to any buildings or cause any other major destruction, it was only a matter of time. The people of Oakhurst had remained alive for so long because each night they bordered up their houses and prayed for the sunrise. Bufkin inquired about the source of the goblins and their numbers. From the man he and Galdor learned that the goblins always came from the woods that bordered the town to the west in groups. Bufkin and Galdor assured the man that they were here to help and gave him instructions for the night to keep the townspeople safe. With their meeting concluded, the man returned to the town and Bufkin and Galdor set about preparing their defenses for the night.



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