Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

The Library and the Mob

Part 10

That next afternoon the three adventurers separated for personal reasons. Galdor exercised and went to find a place to refill his flask of liquor. Bufkin went in search of potions and other magical help, while Toviyaah looked for a temple to his god. As Bufkin was walking he was stopped by a group of the city watch. Obviously looking for a bribe, Bufkin refused and made fun of the watchmen, an act that they did not take too kindly to. Drawing their swords, Bufkin exited quickly and attempted to lose them by turning into the nearest building: the city library. Ducking behind the bookshelves, Bufkin watched the men enter and begin searching for him. Using the bookshelves as cover, Bufkin tried to quickly steal out of the library without anyone noticing when he tripped and ran headlong into the nearest bookshelf. After a heart-wrenching creak, the bookcase began to fall into the adjacent one. One by one the bookcases fell like dominoes, spilling their contents in a dusty and gruesome massacre. The City Watch stared dumbfounded while the librarians looked on in dejected horror. Using this pause to his advantage, Bufkin bolted for the door before anyone could stop him and ran until he was safely back at the Silverhands.
Back at the Silverhands the three companions rejoined. Galdor had his flask, Toviyaah could not find the temple he wanted, and Bufkin reported that he did not find anything of interest either. However, Toviyaah had been able to purchase a masterwork bastard sword from the Merchant Kings. Taking inventory of their remaining gold from the King, Toviyaah set out by himself without explaining what he was doing and told them to meet him by the docks later that evening. Perhaps annoyed by the secrecy, but not preoccupied by his behavior, Galdor and Bufkin let him go and decided to wait and see what he had in store.
Down at the docks, Toviyaah was knocking on the doors of all the shady establishments he could find in an attempt to spread the word about an offer he had. After talking through many gruff responses he became satisfied that he had gotten his message across and waited. As the sun began to set a crowd started to gather and Toviyaah placed himself in a position to be seen by those amassing. It was about this time that Galdor and Bufkin approached and settled in to see what Toviyaah was up to. Before them was the largest collection of human trash that Athkatla had to offer. Thieves, brutes, sell swords, drunks, and other unappealing men were milling about in a small square looking as confused as anyone as to why they had been summoned. What was most surprising, however, was the number of people gathered. Close to 500 vagrants filled the square all waiting expectantly for someone to take control of the situation.
Taking his cue, Toviyaah raised himself up and began addressing the crowd. Appealing not to their sense of pride or duty, simply common greed, Toviyaah promised them several weeks pay for just one night’s work. The thugs’ shaky loyalty secured, Toviyaah, his friends, and the Silverhands dispersed the thugs to various points to help them secure the area around the Mages’ Guild building. The night passed fitfully, but without major incident. That said, they still had a major problem as the sun rose- they did not have enough cash on hand to finish paying the ‘militia’ that had so hastily been raised. Praying to Kelemvor, Toviyaah was able to convince the thugs that any who wanted a larger pay day would need to follow them as they finished off the goblins. He said that any man who wanted the treasure of a lifetime need only follow them, and help them finish off the goblin menace. Many grumbled and left, but several score did indeed follow them out of the city, at least for a while.



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