Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

Oakhurst: The Second Night

Part 13

While the army set about securing the town, one major question still remained: what of Belek? The adventurers learned from the town leader that Belek had a house on the edge of town but that he had not been seen in recent days. After pointing them in the right direction, the town leader returned to Oakhurst to marshal it’s people. Carefully, the companions surveyed the house. From the outside it appeared perfectly normal, with the exception of any signs of life. Confident that there were not active traps, the companions entered. The interior of the house was quiet and relatively quiet. Finding nothing of importance on the first floor, the trio ascended the stairs and began searching the rooms on the upper level. Behind one of the doors they found the only room that looked like it had been recently used. In the center of the room was a pedestal with what looked like blood, a knife, and a candle. Scattered around were some papers, books, and other tools that were common among magicians. Unfortunately, none of the material left behind gave them any clue as to what Belek was doing or where he had gone. They were just about to leave when they spotted a map with handmade markings on it. One glance at the map and Bufkin was able to immediately recognize the country of Amn and the cities within. It appeared that Belek had marked several locations using a variety of notations, one of which corresponded to a place north of Rustwater, another located just south of Oakhurst in the woods, a third on the city of Esmelteran, and a fourth in the middle of Lake Esmel. Taking the map with them, the three companions left the house and joined the people working in the town.
Later in the afternoon the defenses were nearly complete and they can be described thusly. As it has been mentioned, the green space was shaped like a large triangle with the apex pointing directly north and the bottom side bordering the south. In the center stood a tall wooden pole around which the townspeople made camp surrounded by a series of trenches. Wooden boards, barrels, wagons, and other unused items had blocked the gaps between houses along the eastern and western edges of the green space, funneling any potential attackers into the gap at the northern point, or along the southern edge. Fearing an attack from the north, Bufkin had some of the Sunset Company burry a few extra powder kegs and run fuses to the center of the space in the event they were overwhelmed and needed to blow things sky high. On roofs to either side of the opening, Bufkin stationed Silverhand archers while a small squad of Sunset Company and Silverhand fighters protected the ground. The bulk of the force was concentrated along the southern edge of the town where they were the most vulnerable. Again, trenches had been dug and filled with wooden spikes behind which Sunset Company and the golem waited in firing lines. At the two southern corners were the Merchant Kings and Cloud Peaks, swords and spears drawn ready for whatever reached them. As the leaders of the battle, the three companions each took a corner to command: Bufkin took the north, Toviyaah the southwest, and Galdor the southeast. All that was left now was to wait.
The sun was set, fires were lit, and the evening vigil had begun. Suddenly, from the deep of night they began to hear drums in the south. A host of goblins and trolls was marching towards them, not in a chaotic mass, but in formation. And in the very back, commanding their advance, stood three figures cloaked in black.
Bufkin called for a check of their perimeter. To the south the invading host was slowly approaching. No activity had been sighted to the east nor west, and to the north only a few goblins had been sighted, although they were remaining at a distance and Bufkin only wasted a few arrows killing one before he accepted them as a distraction. To the south the formation of goblins and trolls stopped just outside of range. The air was crackling with anticipation as the two armies faced each other. In the midst of the calm, Toviyaah cast a spell on the top of the wooden pole, bathing the green space in light. Under its gaze the gnomes cocked their rifles, the archers knocked arrows, and the infantry drew swords. For a moment the world was still.
Then, without word or command, the goblins attacked. Rifles cracked and arrows flew as goblins were cut down in their advance, a mere test of the defenses. Then a push, and the invading forces came in an even greater mass, too many for the ranged weapons to suppress. They poured into the trenches, some skewering themselves on the stakes below while others made it through and were met by the infantry. As the fighting escalated, trolls began advancing on the corners. In one corner Toviyaah combated a pair of trolls, launching spells from afar. His magic proved strong enough to bring down one of his foes, however the second remained and answered by casting its own magic. Caught off guard, Toviyaah drew his bastard sword and met the brute on the field of battle. The ensuing fight was furious and exhausting but in the end, Toviyaah stood victorious. Across the way the golem answered the trolls roars with the thunder of his cannon. In two echoing shots the golem smote the massive beasts from this earth forever, while the golem, unfazed, stoically reloaded.
Confident that the battle was going to remain in the south, Bufkin dispatched the Sunset Company still with him to help their companions. Of the Silverhands that remained, he left a small number to act as guards while the rest he took with himself to the corner to fight alongside Galdor. The dead were accumulating and yet the goblins continued to come. Galdor was dispatching goblin after goblin, his fists a blur of activity while the pile of the dead rose around him. As Bufkin arrived, so did a new wave of trolls. Seized by a lust for adventure, Bufkin called for the golem and told him to wait for his order to shoot. The golem stared back blackly. And with that Bufkin leaped over the trenches and into the way of the advancing trolls. Drawing his sword, Bufkin slashed at the Achilles. The beast let out a horrific yell and fell to its knees. Before it could heal and strike back, Bufkin dove and yelled for the golem. The world exploded and where the troll had previously stood above Bufkin, there was nothing but night sky. Emboldened by his success, Bufkin advanced on the second troll. With another slash and earth-shattering boom, the second troll was wiped from history. But Bufkin had pursued too far and was now surrounded by enemies. As furious as he was, Bufkin went down behind enemy lines. Accepting the end of his life, Bufkin called for the others to leave him and protect the townspeople. But as it turns out, gambling, drinking, and whoring with the Silverhands had made him some loyal friends. Breaking away from the trenches, a few Silverhands grabbed Bufkin and returned him to safety where he was stabilized by Galdor and subsequently able to heal himself.
Blades flashed in the magical light, muscles burned in exhaustion, and sweat and blood saturated the ground. After what seemed like eternity, the goblins had finally taken enough losses and the retreat was called. Even though the defenders had taken some serious losses, the defenses held and the townspeople remained safe. Some of the uninjured warriors were posted along the perimeter in order to watch for any additional attacks, while the rest began collecting the bodies of their comrades according to their guilds and prepared for final rights. Those that were injured were treated by the townspeople with help from the three companions and collected near the center for rest. Amidst the activity the golem watched passively, peppered with arrows but holding his cannon at the ready. As Toviyaah’s spell ceased the camp was once again cast into twilight, the only light coming from torches. Thus, the rest of the night passed in labor with little rest, and by morning the entirety of the gathering was past ready to leave the battlefield behind.



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