A headstrong but playful gnome who loves jokes, riddles, sex, and beer


A few words concerning his origin:
An orphan, Bufkin was raised in the woods of sharp teeth by a fatherly dragon that took him in. To date, Bufkin knows nothing of his parentage or where he came from. According to his ‘father’, Bufkin was found as a babe crying in a clearing in the center of the woods. Attracted by his innocent pleas, the dragon came to him and carried him to his home nearby where he raised him on homemade beer and the fruit of the surrounding woods. Without any indication of name or origin, his father took to calling him ‘moxtaesh’ which literally means ‘little beer’ in draconic. Eventually, Bufkin, not being quite the same size or stature of his father, realized that his parentage must lie elsewhere and began to ask questions concerning his past. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he asked, Bufkin’s father never told him anything more than what is written here about his life before the woods. Whether he truly did not know or was keeping something from Bufkin none but himself and god (Josh) know the truth about anything before that moment in the clearing. Eventually, Bufkin came to accept his life as it was and grew at peace with this mystery, taking the name ‘Bukfin’ for himself (as gnomes often do) and contenting himself to explore the woods, learn from his father, and live in relative peace until the day his father left.

Concerning Bufkin’s father:
Type: True Dragon (Copper)
Age: 950-975 years (Ancient)
Size: ~127ft (Gargantuan)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Being of considerable age, the dragon that would become Bufkin’s caretaker had many names in many languages. Although some have been forgotten while others remain a secret, Bufkin knew him as Zundelden, meaning the “laughing hermit” or “mirthful sage” in draconic. At the time of their meeting, Zundelden was a true ancient dragon, 950-975 years old, with copper scales and a penchant for alcohol. Probably one of the quirkiest dragons ever to walk the earth, Zundelden did not lust for traditional treasure. Instead, he spent much of his later life perfecting the art of brewing beer and spirits. As his name suggests, Zundelden was not an angry or righteous being. He lived alone in the woods laughing, brewing, composing rhymes and songs that amused him, and crafting homemade tools and apparatus’ that aided him in his alcoholic endeavors. The only time he showed any anger of his kind was when someone or something threatened his precious brews, which he stored by the thousands in a large cave, hollowed out of the side of the largest hill in the woods, and protected by concealed magical doors of stone. As Zundelden aged, he became more and more enthralled with making the perfect drink. A drink that was both as warm as a summer sun and as cool as an autumn morning; that gave energy to the body while quieting the mind; that brought eternal music to the soul and restored youthful love to the heart. Years he worked, reveling in the challenge he had set to himself with passion, and yet he never achieved his goal. Eventually, Zundelden realized that the reason he couldn’t achieve the perfect drink was because the final ingredient, the ingredient that would make gods smile and Halaster Blackcloak dance a jig, was a piece of the sun itself. Therefore, after making the proper preparations, Zundelden left Bufkin and flew into the very sun itself, never to be seen to this day. Did he succeed? Will he return some day in triumphant glory to gift the world the greatest drink that will ever be? Or did he burn to a crisp, never to be seen again? Only god (Josh) knows…

Concerning Bufkins personality:
Like his father before him, Bufkin loves jokes of all kinds, swapping riddles, and appreciates a good brew. Bufkin respects intelligence, prefers companions that can laugh easily, and dislikes dealing with rigid or unyielding personalities. Still in his youth, Bufkin is quick to make up his mind and is generally impulsive. And while he can be quick to anger when confronted with evil and/or extreme stupidity, there is little that bothers this young gnome for more than a few hours.
Although unlearned in social matters, Bufkin’s years in the dangerous woods did teach him many practical lessons. Aided by his small stature and years of avoiding some of the less friendly inhabitants of the woods, Bufkin has become a master of stealth, disappearing quickly and quietly into darkness and cover. A life in the wilderness has also tempered his body into an efficient athletic machine, both flexible and yet strong for his size. He enjoys physical challenges almost as much as mental ones, and will be the first in line when it comes to climbing, jumping, and the like. For years he used his stealth and athleticism to explore the caves of the woods and watch their inhabitants. It was through this observation (with a little help from Zundelden) that Bufkin learned goblin, although he rarely used it himself, preferring not to dirty the family conversations with such a simple and unimaginative language.
His relationship with nature coupled with the wisdom of a dragon has transformed him into an effective ranger. He loves all things that are green and that grow on the earth, and has a strong respect for all living creatures, including typically ‘evil’ creatures, if they show good qualities. However, Bufkin has no qualms about taking a life that threatens the good and/or happiness of others. In the case that a fight is to be had, Bufkin relishes in firing upon an enemy with his bow from a concealed position for maximum damage, although he has been known to use his rather accomplished athletic abilities to fight in close quarters with a sword.
Growing up with a mighty dragon, Bufkin sometimes has an unfortunate inflation of self-importance. Years of success in the woods, coupled with the demeanor of a dragon as a companion and a general lack of world experience, can cause Bufkin to disregard the caution of others and put himself into compromising situations. This can be manifested by running headlong into a fight, treating unknown magical items without proper respect, and, at times, a false sense of invulnerability.
He can have trouble recognizing authority, especially when he perceives the aforementioned authority to be unintelligent or rigid (his general term for the unyielding or overly serious is “asshole”), and believes that respect is earned through deeds and not the consequence of birth or position. And while he is generally a pretty carefree individual, his gnomish disposition coupled with the lifestyle of a dragon have given him a certain level of selfishness, especially when it comes to money or drink. This tends not to be manifested as an outright greed or aggressive selfishness, but rather a subtler lie-by-omission sort of tomfoolery. More often than not, when confronted with this behavior Bufkin will acquiesce rather than resort to a fight.

The joining of the party:
Zundelden never concealed his passion for brewing the perfect drink from Bufkin, and as a result Bufkin was well prepared for the day that Zundelden would take off for the sun. A young adult by that time, Bufkin had begun to feel the itch of adventure growing inside him, a feeling that Zundelden recognized and respected. Knowing that they would someday part ways, Zundelden called Bufkin to him and shared his plans with the young gnome. For a year, they prepared for their departure together. Knowing that his ‘son’ was likely to encounter few people who could speak Draconic, Zundelden taught the young gnome to speak and write Chondathan. In addition, Zundelden sealed his most precious items deep within his cave in a massive vault of stone and set with magical traps and a series of riddles that only the most wise and powerful could penetrate. In that place he stored the greatest of his works, the tools he would need complete his perfect brew, and a huge vat of his final unfinished drink, waiting for the day he would return and add it’s final ingredient or to be lost in time. The remaining casks were catalogued and organized and sealed for quality. On the final night together Zundelden opened one of his favorite beers that he had set aside and drank mightily while Bufkin swam in the giant barrel, drinking as he dived and amusing Zundelden by disappearing amongst the foam and telling jokes. That night, the laughter of Zundelden shook the ground for miles around and all who felt it were satisfied, though none dared to determine it’s source. The next morning Bufkin hoisted his pack and the most unusual family said their final parting words. And even though they were like father and son, neither felt sad for the loss of the other, but rather excited for the adventure to come. And trusting that some day they may be reunited, Bufkin watched as Zundelden took to flight, becoming smaller and smaller until at last the tiny dot disappeared into the sun. And with that, Bufkin left his home in search of life’s next big joke…


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