Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

The Parting of the Ways

Part 14

After conferring with the leader of the town, Toviyaah, Galdor, and Bufkin decided to send the townspeople north to the city of Crimmor, which was much nearer than Athkatla, where they might be safer than in the partially destroyed Oakhurst. Escorting them to the city would go the remaining men from the four companies. Leading the company would be the Silverhands, headed by Hugo Westfeld, as appointed by Bufkin, for his capabilities both on and off the battlefield. Heading south according to the map found in Belek’s house went Bufkin, Galdor, and Toviyaah accompanied by what remained of the rabble. Between the battle and the ensuing deserters, only a handful of the ruffians remained but not trusting them to protect the lives of others, and counting the additional swords useful, those that remained would go south in pursuit of their promised payment.
As they were setting off, Bufkin saw a scared looking youth among the crowd of townspeople. Approaching the boy, Bufkin saw that he had no parents or family around him. He asked the boy where his family was and if there was anyone to look after him. Replying with the sweetest, most innocent voice the world had every heard, the boy introduced himself as Small Peter and told Bufkin that he had no family and was travelling alone. Taking pity on Small Peter, Bufkin gave him decorative chain mail shirt that he had commissioned in Athkatla. He assured Small Peter that the shirt would keep him safe and that he should look after it until they met again in Crimmor. With a cry of thanks, Small Peter put the shirt on under his jacket and with that, the company departed. And he turned to go, Bufkin could hear the delicate tones of Small Peter’s musical voice on the wind and he was happy. (Louis and Xander, you will be blessed to hear the voice of Small Peter, ere your luck is ever so good that he reappears in our story)
After a few hours of travelling the companions entered into the woods to find the area Belek had designated on his map. At this point, less than a dozen criminals remained from the original gathering of over 500, and they followed the trio with determination. As they neared the mark, they spread out and continued with caution, alert for anything that may have been significant to the disgraced magician. Thus it came to be that they found a an opening into the ground, a deep schism into the heart of the earth, hidden by tall grass and marked by a rope leading down into the darkness. Being the greatest at seeing things in the dark, Toviyaah took up the rope and went first. Next followed Bufkin, the troupe of criminals, and finally Galdor in the back keeping an eye on the men in front of him. What they found was a small landing followed by a series of switchbacks that lead down and out of site. Pressing forward and lighting a few torches, the party continued until finally the ground leveled out and widened into an underground road. Following it they came upon what appeared to be the subterranean tower of an old building. A solid, round parapet arched out of the darkness topped with crumbling crenellations, which the party noticed, was leaning slightly to the side. Rounding the off-kilter structure, they saw what could have been a long rampart in the days when it was new, but now led away into nothingness, crumbling to dirt where it met the earth. Judging by the foreboding air of a mysterious underground castle that was clearly suited for hidden, villainous deeds, the party judged that they had reached their destination. Rounding on the wooden door, they secured their weapons, held aloft their torches, and entered.



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