Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

Rustwater Again

Part 7

When Bufkin, Toviah, and Galdor returned to Rustwater, they had only been gone a few days. A long enough time for people to begin talking, but not so long that their belongings that were left behind had been scavenged. During their return trip, Bufkin had not given up his spirit of pursuit and to that end he went to the only store in town and bought supplies with the intention of building a boat. Armed with wood and tools, he was excited to begin his labor when two wet blankets by the names of Toviah and Galdor decided to rain on his parade. Arguing that it would take too long to build, be too hard to transport to the cave, and too dangerous to try and pilot in the dark, the pair of nay-sayers finally got their way and Bufkin abandoned his perfectly sound plan. But he kept some of his supplies.
After checking in at the inn, the group returned to the mayor to report their findings (if you can call an abandoned dungeon findings). Without any evidence for their claims, however, the mayor proved skeptical. A secret dwarven ruin with goblins and dark magic that disappeared over night hardly seemed like the most logical conclusion to goblin raids. Having done what they could, however, the adventurers returned to the inn and made preparations to head back to Athkatla the following morning.
That night the town awoke to the sound of screams, fire, and blood. Dashing down to the main room of the inn, Bufkin, Toviah, and Galdor met wide-awake and armed for battle. Going to the window, they saw a host of goblins moving through the town, lighting buildings on fire, and eviscerating the population that got in the way. In the midst of this horrific storm strode three figures cloaked in black, walking slowly with no regard for the mayhem around them. With no regard to the danger at hand, Toviah exited the inn and called to the three figures. Inside the inn, Bufkin and Galdor prepared defenses and waited their turn to attack. The lead figure called Toviah to give up the gnome in return for their departure, an offer Bufkin did not take kindly to. As he was shouting his reply, Bufkin blacked out. Toviah and Galdor saw the gnome go dazed and begin to walk towards the figures. Acting quickly, Toviah cast flame strike on the cloaked men, which released Bufkin from the enchantment. Before his spell could do any damage, however, the three cloaked men vanished from their spot and reappeared at the end of town. Summoning the goblins, the men and beasts retreated from the town into the night.
By morning the fires had been put out and the dead had been removed. The town still stood, but the grim fear of the citizens had grown. Assuring that they would take the plight of the town to the king and the leaders of the Cloud Peaks Company, the adventurers left Rustwater (with an invitation to stay for free from the innkeeper). After three days on the road, they reached Athkatla and set out to make good on their word.



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