Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

Oakhurst: The First Night

Part 12

The hill was defended thusly: stakes were driven into the ground facing the woods to the west. Behind the stakes the Sunset Company was divided into two firing lines to allow for near continuous shots. On one side of the line the Merchant Kings used their spears to protect the flank, while on the other the Cloud Peaks would engage any enemy that tried to get around, or somehow was able to miss the raining lead. Finally, the Silverhands were held in reserve to fire arrows from the back, be dispatched where necessary, and to watch in the event that the goblins attempted to attack from behind. Amidst all of this, the silent hulking golem roamed wielding his massive cannon, ordered to release carnage whenever the opportunity presented itself.
That night, men slept at their station in rotations until either the sun arrived or they were called to arms. There was no need to wait for the sun, however, because just as the leader of Oakhurst said the goblins came in the middle of the night. Drawn by the appearance of such a large resistance, the goblins did not emerge from the woods in discrete groups, but as a large body of screeching attackers. Prepared and reasonably well fortified, Bufkin ordered Sunset to unleash their blunderbusses. Explosions rent the night and clouds of smoke rose to the sky as countless goblins were massacred before such a powerful defense. Every once in awhile the golem would unleash hell from his arms, shaking the ground and turning large groups of attackers into eviscerated piles of trash. Few goblins made it through that night, and those that did were quickly dealt with by the awaiting steel. By the time the goblins had had enough, the hillside was strewn with the detritus of countless numbers of their allies. Recognizing defeat, whatever was left of the attacking hoard retreated to the woods to lick their wounds and prepare for another day.
Back at camp, the companies had suffered minimal losses and a few injuries. As dawn broke Bufkin ordered the wounded to be treated and the dead to be removed from the circumference of their camp. Those few that died in defense of the hill were given funeral rights and burned, while the goblins were piled haphazardly and set ablaze. By mid-morning the majority of the work had been accomplished and allies were spotted approaching.
In the face of several large obstacles, Toviyaah had somehow succeeded in bringing the majority of his rabble to Oakhurst safely. Without food, Toviyaah had stopped several times to allow his men to forage and hunt. Without pack rolls or supplies, they had camped on the ground under the stars. And although some got fed up and deserted each day, the larger part of the party that left Athkatla made it to Oakhurst. Hungry and a little sore, Toviyaah reached the outskirts of the battle and instructed his men to make camp while he went to find his companions. Many of the men took advantage of the discarded supplies and traded their makeshift weapons for the steel of the dead goblins. Toviyaah, Galdor, and Bufkin met at the top of the hill where they began to discuss the previous days while they waited for the town leader to arrive. Toviyaah learned of the battle and danger that the town lived with, while Bufkin and Galdor marveled that the conglomerate of thieves, sell-swords, and petty criminals had not only failed to kill each other, but had survived the trek as a unit (although they still did not invite them to camp together).
With a jolly huff and puff, the town leader appeared and the four men began to discuss the future. It was agreed that another attack was imminent and with the escalation of hostilities it was likely the townspeople would now be in grave danger. Therefore the adventurers would move into the town and begin fortifying defenses with the help of the townspeople for the coming night. It happened to be that by the southern edge of town there was a large triangular green space used for town gatherings. After assessing the size, the adventurers believed that they could funnel attackers into two areas: the northern point and the southern edge of the triangle. The townspeople would be gathered in the middle of the green space around a central pole and the fighting companies would defend the surrounding area. With any luck, by nightfall the town would be secure and the townspeople would be protected.



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