Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

Athkatla and the Meeting of the King

Part 2

By the end of the third day the party made it to Athkatla without any further incident. A large city clearly past its prime, Athkatla was dirty, full of crime, and largely run by several trade organizations that each carved out their territory in the city. Since it was late in the day, the Roland and the Silverhands took the adventurers to their main base in the northeastern part of the city. The compound looks like a very large, fortified house with walls, a gate, and the requisite living/training space within. The adventurers were each given a room to bed the night in and prepare for the coming meeting.
The next day the group set off with Roland acting as chaperone to the castle in the southern region of the city, across the river. Not much can be remarked about the castle beyond the fact that it appeared as a standard stone fortification manned by members of the king’s guard, who are on friendly terms with the Silverhands, and staffed with the various help you find in any noble court. The king, named Tyros, met the group in his chambers after a short wait. It can be said that King Tyros was a reflection of the capitol city he ruled: past his prime. Old, but not necessarily decrepit, King Tyros recognized that the strength of his throne was waning and it was all he could do to keep the peace between the merchant groups. It was well known that King Tyros had no living children of his own, bringing into question the matter of succession after his death. Due to the close relationship between the kings guards and the Silverhands, and his charismatic leadership, it is thought that Roland is the top candidate to take over the throne, but that has yet to be realized.
It is plain to all who have been following our adventurers that a simple case of disturbing the kings peace is hardly a crime worthy of being handled by the king himself, something that Tyros himself acknowledged. Thus, it was not a surprise to anyone when Tyros revealed that he had a mission of sorts in mind. Leveraging the threat of jail and/or other punishment against Bufkin and Toviah, Tyros explained that it was no coincidence that Roland and his men were there that night in question, but that they were responding to an ever growing threat of goblins attacks and raids in his country. Unchecked and growing in force, the goblins have increased in number and coordination in their attacks, leading to disruptions in trade routes and a breakdown of the safety in country. Such behavior is traditionally uncharacteristic of the cognitively deficient cretins, and therefore a matter of great concern for the King. Therefore, Tyros offered a choice: try to independently sort out the problem, or face the punishment of their crime.
Naturally, Toviah and Bufkin accepted any alternative jail. Galdor being a free man, and therefore not beholden to the quest, acquiesced to accompany the other two out of an interest for adventure. Obviously pleased, Tyros offered the three companions a place to begin their search. While all groups had been affected to some degree, members of the Cloud Peaks Company were being hit more regularly than the rest. After providing them with a letter under his seal dictating their rights to investigate, Tyros ended their meeting and sent them back to the Silverhands compound with Roland.



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