Five Guys Wandering Around Dungeons

Athkatla and the Magicians Guild

Part 8

Upon return, the adventurers went to the Silverhands in order to give back the borrowed mule and accept the lodging that Roland had extended to them. Troubled by the appearance of powerful magical foes, the next day Toviyaah set off to the Magicians Guild in order to find out any information that he could about the mysterious cloaked men. A fellow user of magic, Toviyaah was offered a meeting with the Magicians Guild leader who gave him some troubling news. One of their members, Belek had deserted their ranks and was thought to be practicing dark magic as a rogue agent. While little information could be offered at the time of their meeting, the magicians did tell Toviyaah that Belek had a residence in a small town to the south called Oakhurst. The magicians invited Toviyaah to return the next day if he wanted more information, and with that he returned to his companions.
In the meantime, Bufkin and Galdor returned to Magistrate Benno with the hopes of pleading on behalf of the people of Rustwater for more help from the Cloud Peaks Company. They told him about the frequent troubles that had occurred and the night that the town was openly attacked. Out of a concern for the town’s safety and appealing to his merchant nature, Bufkin and Galdor argued that the trade coming from Rustwater would swiftly come to an end and all potential profits forfeited if he did not take the situation seriously. Seeing their point, Benno promised to send some real fighters to the town soon and with that, Bufkin and Galdor took their leave.
Back at the Silverhands the companions shared their information and it was decided that they would need to appeal to the king for aid. With their combat supplies almost depleted and the prospect of facing strong foes, they needed whatever support they could get. Tyros received the three adventurers and heard their account of what transpired in Rustwater. Most importantly, Toviyaah told the king their suspicions about the rogue magician and his possible ties to the goblin attacks. Tyros was unnerved by the idea of a goblin army being commanded by such a leader and wanted the companions to go to Oakhurst and see what they could find. As it has been remarked, the crown was not as wealthy or powerful as it had once been. Therefore, Tyros could not spare the men to accompany them on their investigation of Oakhurst. The only thing he could do was authorize the use of 5,000 gold for supplies and offer them the use of the official smith for the crown for anything else that they might need. With that, Bukin, Toviyaah, and Galdor left his audience and took counsel together.
Without men from the king, the three decided to appeal to the merchant guilds directly to see if any of them would be willing to send men along. In addition to people, they decided to patronize the royal smith in search of better weapons and armor. They found the stout dwarf smithy by his forge and inquired about his wares. While he was not able to make masterwork weapons, Bufkin commissioned a custom chain mail shirt with a large ‘B’ on one shoulder. Being a monk who carries his weapons at the ends of his wrists, Galdor refrained from purchasing anything while Toviyaah decided to wait in search of a masterwork sword. Their business concluded, the three set off back to the Silverhands as it was approaching evening. As was usual, Bufkin and Galdor spent some time drinking and gambling with the men not on duty before going to bed, a pursuit Toviyaah has yet to join.
The next day the three companions decided to split up and each talk to a different merchant leader to see what aid they might be willing to give. Due to his friendship with lieutenant Eden, Bufkin stayed at the Silverhands. As requested, Toviyaah went to the Magicians Guild while Galdor set out for the Cloud Peaks Company. Word had already reached the command at the Silverhands and being the most closely allied to the crown, it was not difficult to have them pledge a small group of men to help in their adventure. Magistrate Benno was not as forthcoming. Although Galdor made a strong argument, Benno stated that he would not commit unless both the Silverhands and the Sunset Company also committed troops. That way, all three factions would lose the advantage and not be tempted to take territory from any of the others. Galdor respectfully took his leave and returned to Bufkin.
When Toviyaah reached the Magicians Guild he did not find anyone at the gate to announce his arrival. Upon further investigation, he found the gates ajar and entered the compound. Nothing. Alert for any traps, Toviyaah continued onward and entered the main building. Suddenly it became clear why no one had answered. Bodies lay strewn throughout the compound, long since cold from their demise. As Toviyaah penetrated deeper into the building, he saw makeshift barriers that had been erected and bodies behind them. Finally, he became sure that the entirety of the Magicians Guild had either died or fled and he swiftly returned to the Silverhands to warn them of the attack.



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